Resurrection Tour 2018 at Clyde Ironworks

A full Clyde Event Center in Duluth was the scene of a night full of rock music, with five acts hitting the stage Thursday evening in a show presented by Sasquatch 106.5 and MIX 108. The Resurrection Tour, headlined by Puddle of Mudd and Saliva, who both hit the music scene in a big way in the early 2000s.

The night started with Alabama-based Shallow Side hitting the stage, setting the tone for the night with a high-energy set that included songs like "Try To Fight It", "Can You Hear Me", "Rebel", and a modernized re-imagination of the Styx song "Renegade", which they also included in a studio recording for their album "One".

From there, the show shifted gears from the high-soaring vocals of Shallow Side's Eric Boatright to the deep, post-grunge sounds of Hugo Ferreira and his band Tantric. Tantric opened their set with "Down And Out", featuring other songs like "Astound", "Mourning", and their big hit "Breakdown". Hugo also briefly discussed the band's new album "Mercury Retrograde", set to come out on October 5th of this year, playing "Letting Go" off that new album.

SOiL fell right in the middle of the night, playing third out of the five acts on the bill. Their set included opening number "Breaking Me Down", "The Hate Song", and "Pride". Singer Ryan McCombs headed into the crowd, singing "Halo" among fans before returning to the stage for a cover song of their own. Similar to Shallow Side, SOiL has a go-to cover song that they featured on a studio album that they brought to the show. Found on a re-issue of their 1999 studio album Throttle Junkies, the band closed with "Black Betty".

While the group's only remaining original member is guitarist Wayne Swinny, Saliva paid tribute to the band's history during their set. Fronted by Bobby Amaru since 2012 after the departure of Josey Scott, the group has been making new music, but used this show to focus on Saliva's hits through the years. Opening with "Ladies and Gentlemen", the act threw down hit after hit including "Superstar", "Survival of the Sickest", "Always", "Click Click Boom", and "Disease". 

Puddle of Mudd closed the night, covering a huge span of their music through the years. Lead singer Wes Scantlin and his band kicked off their set with the group's first single, "Control", and led the crowd through a tour of hits and favorites off the band's three biggest albums, Come Clean, Life On Display, and Famous, as well as some stuff off their 1997 debut album Abrasive. Among the highlights were "Drift and Die", "She Hates Me", and "Blurry". The band also played some of the songs off their 2011 cover album re:(disc)overed, which was a full studio album of classic rock covers. Among those covers mixed into the set were songs like AC/DC's "TNT", and the Rolling Stones's "Gimmie Shelter".

The Resurrection Tour heads to Dubuque Iowa for a Friday night show on August 10, then to Kentucky for a show this Sunday night.

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