This is the news we need in 2020: it looks like the famous "pumpkin spice" is returning to the Northland earlier than ever this year!

According to Business Insider, the tasty treat is hitting Starbucks stores later this month. In fact, you can be sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte as soon as Tuesday, August 25th. That is when the rollout will happen this year - the earliest ever!

The famous flavor usually hits Starbucks stores around the end of August and early September. This year, the chain is bringing it back early, probably in an effort to help us get through the rest of the trying year that is 2020. Fun fact: the earliest the flavor has ever been rolled out is August 26th, which happened back in 2014.

If you just can't wait one more day for the sweet drink, don't fret: Dunkin' is rolling out their pumpkin spice flavored treats even earlier, launching them nationwide on Wednesday, August 19th. According to a press release from the company, they are making the flavor available "earlier than ever" this year as well. Aside from just pumpkin spice coffee and lattes, there will also be fall-themed donuts, breakfast sandwiches and snacks.

Neither Dunkin' nor Starbucks has come out and said exactly why they are releasing their fall flavors earlier this year but I think it is safe to assume they want to lift everyone's spirits among this trying year.

Other coffee shops also offer pumpkin spice flavored treats after seeing the popularity of it. Caribou Coffee always unleashes a fall-themed line of drinks later in the year. Other businesses have also hopped on the bandwagon, offering pumpkin spice flavored treats like candy, candles, food items and more.

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