I believe that I am an expert on artificial trees since that is all we had growing up, except I think for maybe one year. The reason? My dad was an Insurance salesman and he was convinced that our house would catch on fire with a real tree.

I never have minded an artificial tree and we have kept up the tradition even now,  though our tree is very tiny, it does the job. As a kid I loved the fact that when I would lay under the tree counting presents and shaking a few boxes that I did not get poked by needles. And, If I grabbed a candy cane or two no worries about any needles falling off. But for those of you trying to get the real tree effect with an artificial one, these simple tips may help.

1.) Fluff the Branches-This is pretty obvious!
2.) Spray some artificial snow on the tips-Even if you live in Florida, it will make it look real!
3.) Lots of ornaments-Great for filling in the gaps of the branches.

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