Is it just me, or has anybody else noticed that within the last week there's been house after house with full blown Christmas lights on. Am I missing something? Is this some type of way to show your support of a cause? If not turn them off!

I am far from a Scrooge, but enough is enough. Christmas lights going full blast in February? I've seen a few houses that have the animatronic figures still out but not lit up. Yes it has been cold out which makes taking down lights and decorations extra hard, but come on.

I know some people just keep the lights up but turned off because they are a pain to put up. I don't live a super rich gated community where this would never be tolerated, and to each his/her own but this is crazy. It is officially Meteorological Spring on March 1st, which in my little world means winter is over.  So I guess If I still see these houses lit up this Spring and into Summer,  I will just pretend I am in Florida.


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