Shout out to the Iron Range! A band from the area got some love from a reality star on Instagram recently.

You may recognize Luke Gulbranson from his time on Bravo's popular hit show Summer House. He was added as a cast member a few years back and actually hails from Eveleth, Minnesota.

He is not shy about his love for his home state, whether on the show or on social media. Most recently, he shared a fun little photo of himself representing a band on the Iron Range!

This one took a little digging but after searching on the internet, I discovered he was actually showing some love to a band from the Iron Range! The band is called Honkytonks and Hangovers.

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According to the band's Facebook page, the group is the "premiere country band" of northeastern Minnesota and is made up of six different members. They cover big country music hits from the last few decades.

It looks like they have a fan in Luke, who shared a photo representing their merch on his Instagram page earlier this month!

That is a cool fan to have! (Disclaimer: the photo may only be available if you are over 21 years old, as he is holding a beer in the photo. You can open the photo on your Instagram app to view it if it does not show up above.)

This is definitely not the first time Luke has given some love to Minnesota and his northern Minnesota roots. He talks quite a bit about Minnesota on the show and has over the course of the two seasons he has been on. In fact, back in March, a new episode of the show was pretty much dedicated to Luke and his love for his home state. It led to lots of jokes about cows and Minnesota.

Here's another fun fact: he owns a jewelry company inspired by "the small blue collar mining towns of Northern Minnesota."

In case you don't know, Summer House is about a group of friends and newcomers who shack up in the Hamptons for the summer. There is always fighting, love triangles, drama and good times. It is a really entertaining show!

Who knows - maybe one day we will see him hanging around in Duluth!

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