There are thousands of "subreddits" on the popular internet community of Reddit and one of my favorite is the Duluth subreddit, lots of great local information and discussions going on, right now there is a conversation titled "What local things should I take home for gifts?"

Reddit user jasperbocteen started the brainstorming with this, "I moved to Duluth this summer. I'm heading home out of state for the holidays. Thought it would be fun to bring along Minnesota style gifts. Any suggestions? Besides of course wild rice and maple syrup, that's what everyone seems to suggest."

And Reddit rarely disappoints, here are some suggestions from fellow Reddit users:

  • A growler of fine brew from the Fitgers Brewhouse.
  • If you can, bring home some fish or other delectables from Northern Waters Smokehaus. They have lots of unique stuff.
  • The Dewitt-Seitz building is always my suggestion for Duluth/Minnesota themed gifts. There's a couple of cool stores there.
  • Almost anything from Positively 3rd Street Bakery
  • Head out to the Duluth Grill and pick up one of their cookbooks, if anyone in your family loves to cook.

Add your own ideas here.