Godfather's Pizza was a pretty popular pizza franchise for a while in The Northland. I remember back in the early 90's, the choice was always Godfather's Pizza or Pizza Hut for birthday parties. In Virginia, MN we had one next to the Thunderbird Mall, on the same block as Pizza Hut. I loved their pizza, and I loved playing the games in the arcade area.

When we would come down to Duluth, we'd sometimes stop at the one by Miller Hill Mall Car Wash on Central Entrance. There was even the one on London Road. Superior had a location too over on Tower Avenue and 28th Street.

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Sadly for Godfather's Pizza lovers, all the stores eventually closed and left the area. The one by the Miller Hill Mall is now a Mexican restaurant. London Road's location is a Chinese Restaurant. Superior's first Kwik Trip took the place of where the vacant Godfather's building was. In Virginia, a Hardees stands where my childhood birthday party memories were made.

I was reminiscing about it on the radio the other morning briefly, when I got a message from a fellow Godfather's Pizza fan. There is still one open in Eau Claire, Wisconsin!

This one is an actual dine in restaurant. Godfather's has made some deals with certain gas stations for express locations, (none of which are near by.) This one is actually still a normal Godfather's restaurant and is located at 2510 Mondovi Rd in Eau Claire.

Other locations in Minnesota include one in Long Praire, Brooklyn Center, and a few other spots, but all are a hefty drive from The Northland.

google maps
google maps

Who's up for a road trip? Honestly, I don't know if it's worth a day of driving, but next time I'm in the Eau Claire area I'll definitely be stopping by. If anything, it will just be for the memories and to see if it tastes as good as my 12 year old self remembers.

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