With more people heading out to Northland parks and trails with their dogs, it's important to keep in mind the leash law that is in place.

DuluthParksMN posted a friendly reminder of the law Monday on their Facebook page:

Sec. 35-2: Animals running at large, animal control
Dogs, cats and other domestic pets shall be considered to be at large if they are not under control of the owner or other responsible person by means of a leash of suitable strength not exceeding six feet in length.

Having leashes not exceed six feet is important in that it matches the desired social distance recommendations.  While your dog is likely very friendly and well behaved, having them get into contact with another person or family may create an uncomfortable experience for them, especially during the pandemic.

If your dog enjoys running off-leash, you are welcome to bring them a Northland dog park such as:

  • K9 Haas Dog Park (Gary-New Duluth Park)
  • Jean Duluth Dog Park
  • Keene Creek Dog Park
  • Observation Dog Park

Getting outside is not only healthy for your body, but the outdoors and exercise is great for your state of mind.  My dog has never had more walks in her life as she has since March of this year.  I think she could finish at least a half marathon at this point!

Hopefully you have the time to get out and enjoy the outdoors each day.  If you're out with your four-legged friend, remember to bring a poop bag.  It's doubtful you'd need one if you're alone.

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