Last Friday's snowstorm packed strong wind and powerful waves that did damage to many places along the Lake Superior shoreline in Duluth and along a number of other places around the head of the lake. While curiosity might have you interested in surveying the damage for yourself, it isn't a wise idea.

City staff cleared much of the debris from the Lakewalk between Endion Station up to 21st Avenue East this weekend, but there are still two washouts in this area that impact the paved path. Both of these washouts (one near Fitgers, and the other near 21st Avenue East) are marked with barricades. This section of the Lakewalk has been reopened to the public, but officials warn the public to use caution near the two washouts and not to use the boardwalk near Fitger's down to the Veteran's Memorial, where there are some disjointed boardwalk sections and uneven/loosened decking.

City officials still encourage the public to stay off the portion of the Lakwalk between Endion Station and the Aerial Lift Bridge due to the large amount of debris and damage done to the boardwalk and paved path in this area. The loosened and displaced boardwalk sections and large rocks that litter this area make for unsafe footing, and should be avoided until it is cleared.

After the storm had cleared the area, dozens of curious members of the public visited this area of the Lakewalk, many of which were walking on the displaced sections of boardwalk. This is an especially bad idea, due to the fact that these boardwalk sections are not secured to anything. The unsecured sections of boardwalk could move or break, leading to a loss of footing and potential injury. There is also a chance of exposed nails or screws on the broken sections of boardwalk, which could also cause injury.

Also closed for an unknown amount of time is Brighton Beach Road, which city officials encourage people to stay off, due to damage to a section of the road. Barricades are set up to keep automobiles off the roadway, but it is advised that bicycle and foot traffic also do not go down this roadway until further notice for the safety of the public.

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