Sammy's Pizza & Restaurant posted a message to customers on Wednesday, August 26 that they will be closing their location in Superior. While many restaurants have had to temporarily close due to a COVID-19 infection, this closure is not due to covid and is permanent.

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In their update they say ongoing health concerns with the restauran'ts leadership have contributed to the decision to close their doors. Also, like many other businesses, they have experienced "adverse business effects" due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers who have purchased gift cards at the Superior Sammy's Pizza can still redeem them at any other Sammy's location in Duluth. That does not include promotional gift certificates or other offers.

Sammy's Pizza had been operating on Tower Avenue for the last several years after reopening in 2016. Sammy's Pizza had closed in 2014 after being located in The Elbow room for many years in the main floor of the Androy Hotel in downtown Superior. There was excitement in the community that Sammy's had reopened at the 1908 Tower Avenue location further up the street.

Sammy's Pizza further adds in their message to customers that they appreciate customer's including Sammy's in their life.

There are currently 14 Sammy's Pizza Locations across Minnesota & North Dakota. In the Duluth area they are located in Downtown Duluth (103 West 1st Street), Hermantown (4310 Menard Drive) , West Duluth (403 North Central Avenue), Lakeside (4631 East Superior Street), and Woodland (4011 Woodland Avenue.)

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