With colder weather here and the holidays on the way, that urge to cuddle up with someone special near the fire is probably striking. If just sharing a blanket isn't intimate enough for you, here's an interesting alternative.

The Original Factory Shop is now carrying a two person onesie-like garment called the "Twinsie", which offers one of the ultimate sharing experiences between two people: sharing the same piece of clothing. The Twinsie comes in three colors (navy blue, grey, and aubergine) and offers all the comforts of a onesie, except you and that special someone are connected at the midsection and share one of the three leg holes on the piece of clothing.

The idea for the $80 Twinsie stemmed from a Valentine's Day gag, but has now grown into cuddle-fostering attire anyone can buy and enjoy with someone they love. Not only can you cuddle and share body heat, but you can also work on your coordination and communication skills, being there are only three leg holes.

The Original Factory Shop