Unless you live under a rock, you know that President Donald Trump was in Duluth yesterday for a rally at AMSOIL Arena and you may have even been delayed by his motorcade.

I think one of the cooler things about a Presidential visit is Air Force One and the motorcade, both iconic symbols of the American Presidency, and I missed both yesterday but thankfully the MIX 108 engineer got some video of the motorcade passing by yesterday.

The motorcade traveled along Arlington Rd. to Trinity Road down the hill to the Port Authority for the roundtable meeting and then to AMSOIL Arena for the rally.

Every intersection along the route had some type of law enforcement officer standing watch and blocking off traffic just before the motorcade arrived.

The Presidential motorcade consists of several Secret Service vehicles with specialized gear to protect the President, local police, ambulance, support vehicles for the traveling staff and press and of course the Presidential limo known as "The Beast."

You may notice that there are two limos, one is a basically a decoy, it's just another measure the Secret Service takes to keep the President safe.

Here are some more videos I found of the motorcade making its way through Duluth.


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