About a month ago we asked for submissions on the best musical act in the Northland and the winner has finally been crowned. 

The submissions could have been either a singer/songwriter or a band, the only catch is they to have to be local and perform locally.  After hundreds of submissions, we narrowed it down to just 5 local bands.

The race came right down to the finish line. For awhile Rage N' Country and Tempted Fate were going back and fourth for the top spot, and then right before the clock struck midnight, one band pulled ahead.

Congratulations to the champion, Crescent Moon out of Superior!

Crescent Moon via FaceBook
Crescent Moon via FaceBook

Big thanks to everyone for the submissions and congrats the 5 finalists, it was one tough battle. Check out the final results below:

Crescent Moon – 26.80%

Rage N Country – 26.43%

Tempted Fate – 19.56%

Christopher David Hanson Band – 17.93%

Average Mammals – 9.28%

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