I love strange, one of a kind products that are an absolute waste of money, and this fits that description perfectly.  Introducing the new 'Air Swimmers' radio controlled shark and fish, they are basically big inflatable Mylar balloons that use the tail to propel them forward and a weight on the bottom that controls the up/down movement.  Check them out in action after the jump.

Each 'Air Swimmer' is over 4 feet long and requires that you go to a store that can fill up your R/C swimmer with helium, according to the manufacture the balloons should stay inflated for a "few weeks", but no guarantees that people won't look at you strange while you carry your newly inflated toy out of the store.  They have a range of 40 feet, perfect for terrorizing your family or coworkers.  Each 'Air Swimmer' retails for $39.99 and are available here.

Check out this promotional video, I love how people look genuinely scared of an inflatable shark, including a cat at the end of the video that clearly has a WTF look on his face.

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