Shasta Soda is warning the public about fraudulent scams that are running around the internet trying to get money or personal information.

Shasta Soda says that scammers are using fake websites, social media, text messages and online job forums. The company says that scammers are pretending to be company executives or representatives in the hope of tricking people into believing there are jobs or business opportunities.

The company said in a social media post that the scammers are using the Shasta logo, company information, and the Shasta name to give the felling of authenticity to lure victims in.

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Shasta says that the goal of the scammers is to get personal information or to scam money from victims. The company says, "If you have any concerns, see suspicious job advertisements, or receive suspicious communications that reference Shasta, please submit an inquiry through our Contact Us page on either or"

Shasta says that if you are worried about a scam to remember that the company would never ask for money in exchange for a job and to not respond to these scammers. They also said that victims should contact local law enforcement.

Shasta is a very old company, founded in 1889 as The Shasta Mineral Springs Company in Mt. Shasta, California. In 1931 the company produced its first soda, a ginger ale drink. Over the years Shasta made several innovations including canning soda, and diet pop.

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