After the absolute drumming the Minnesota Vikings took last night, I have found the song that perfectly describes how I feel today.

38-7. That's what most people would call a one-sided game. What makes it worse is that the Vikings drove down the field on the very first possession of the game and scored a touchdown. But after that, things took a turn for the worse and never got better. Interceptions returned for touchdowns, strip-sacks in the redzone, long completions, converting tons of third downs. Nothing went the Vikings way.

So now we face the music on this Monday after. We have to deal with the fact that New England and Philadelphia fans will invade the Twin Cities for a week and we have to host them.

So now I'm relying on some Taylor Swift, as one of her new songs of her latest album reputation summarizes how I feel pretty accurately.


We all allowed ourselves to think that this could've been the team to break the curse. And then we eventually ended up right where we always do. Heartbreak city. This is why we can't have nice things.


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