Excited for Spring Break but tired of the crowds at the beaches in Miami? Not feeling another round of Spring Training in Arizona? It’s time to think outside the box when it comes to this Spring Break. We’ve compiled a list of future Spring Break hotspots that you should book now, before everyone else hears about it.

Amish Country, Pennsylvania


Pros: Get a chance to experience a simpler pace of life. If you’re lucky you may catch an Amish lass at the beginning of her Rumspringa.

Cons: You may get suckered into becoming Amish yourself if you aren’t careful. Then that slow pace of life won’t see as so quaint. Have you ever tried to churn butter? IT ISN’T EASY!


Pros: If the usual Spring Break hot spots like Cancun or Cozumel seem a little too touristy for your taste, you could always try this small town just across the boarder for a more authentic experience.

Cons: Just read a newspaper. Seriously, just stick to Cancun.

The Bermuda Triangle

Pros: If you travel there and survive, you can always rub it in conspiracy theorists faces.

Cons: Sure, you may not come back. But even worse: what if you go there and it’s incredibly lame? Is it worth giving up a potentially great Spring Break to beat an urban legend? Just try to eat Pop Rocks and drink Coke between rounds of Jagerbombs.


Pros: If you’re into Vampires you can visit Dracula’s castle!

Cons: Vampires aren’t real, dummy. Enjoy the plentiful churches and being caught up in potential international conflict with Romania!

The Cave of Forgotten Dreams


Pros: You get a rare chance to see the earliest known cave paintings at the Chauvet Cave in southern France. See how artistic ambition existed even inside the heart of pre-historic man.

Cons: The cave is rarely open to the public and if you are one of the lucky ones allowed inside it’s doubtful they will let you bring alcohol inside. And what’s the point of seeing a truly awe-inspiring wonder of the world if you can’t be a little tanked?


Pros: From the rolling hills to Muay Thai fighting to the delicious cuisine, there are countless of reasons to visit Thailand and enjoy it’s rich culture during your Spring Break! *cough*sextourism*cough*

Cons: You are the worst person ever.


Pros: Are you the sort of worry-wart who is afraid of getting in any sort of Spring Break shenanigans? Then come to Singapore, where everything is illegal.

Cons: Everything is illegal. Virtually any vice you would want to indulge in during Spring Break could get you caned or tossed in jail. And when we say vice, we mean stuff like chewing gum.

South of The Border


Pros: All the tacky memorabilia you could ask for at this South Carolina tourist trap. The Mexican theme park should embolden you to drink as much tequila as humanly possible.

Cons: ‘South of The Border’ somehow manages to be disappointing even for a tourist trap. Besides, it’s Spring Break, you’ll already be drinking heroic amounts of tequila.

Vail, Colorado

Pros: After a day of hitting the slopes it’s very hard to beat a crackling fire with some Brandy.

Cons: If you drink too much Brandy and then hit the slopes then you may get a whole lot more rest and relaxation than you could have ever anticipated when you are laid up in a hospital bed with a broken everything.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Pros: Every aspect of your childhood fantasy comes to life!

Cons: Your childhood fantasy was lame! The series has been over for nearly half a decade. The park doesn’t even serve booze (Butterbeer is non alcoholic) and you’re stuck in Orlando for a week.

Have you considered Singapore?

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