Problem solved.  The crew of an international ship can thank Duluth, St. Luke's, and port agent Daniel's Shipping for finally getting their COVID-19 vaccinations.  The 21 crew members were able to get their one-dose Janssen/Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine while docked in Duluth in the early part of May.

According to details released by St. Luke's, "[t]he Federal Bering is from the Marshall Islands and its crewmembers hail from India where the vaccine isn't widely available".  While they were enroute, they had been attempting to rectify the unvaccinated nature of the crewmen.  "They had been trying to get the vaccine at several stops along the Great Lakes, but had been unsuccessful until they got to Duluth and called St. Luke's".

Steve Sydow - an agent from Daniel's Shipping shares:

"These vaccines can be the difference between life and death sometimes.  The families of these sailors are back home wondering how it's going, and now they can feel much better that their loved ones got the vaccine.  This is kind of a tide-raising event for this crew.  They can feel that much more comfortable about life."

Meanwhile, officials with St. Luke's were equally pleased to help.  According to Kelly Zapp - St. Luke's COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Lead: "We've been working tirelessly to ensure that everyone is protected from COVID-19.  So to be able to help these sailors, who were having such trouble getting the vaccine, was truly an honor."

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After being vaccinated during their stop in Duluth, it was business as usual for the Federal Berring.  The ship loaded up on grain that is on-route to Italy.

Here are more photos from the experience:

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