Stella Artois Cidre is one of my go-to's when I'm away from my local craft cider favorites. It's found just about anywhere, and it's really captured the right blend between sweet and dry. It's a good choice, always. Now they've come out with a lighter drink for a little bit of variety. It's the Stella Artois Spritzer. It's only 3.5% alcohol by volume (light beer amount), and in a taller slimmer can. It's described as a sparkling hard cider.

When I first popped it open there was definitely some carbonation and a spritz of cider aroma filled the air. Hmmmm, my taste buds immediately began a slow roll of building excitement.

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I poured it into a glass to drink, because I'm not white trash. I wanted to enjoy the colors and little bubbles. I mean this is a spritzer, that's part of the draw.

At first taste, it's decent. It tastes like a little bit watered down Stella cidre. It's very drinkable. It's lighter with only 120 calories.  The slimmer can somehow makes me feel like I'm drinking something more sophisticated. I like that feeling.  It's not as sweet, and a lighter taste so you don't burn out on it after one can. Or you're not reaching for tums at 2 am with heartburn.

The other big selling point for me was it was dirt cheap. I got the 12 pack for 7 bucks on sale. So if you can get a deal on it, give it a shot. It's a worthy drink.Maybe in the summer I could see this being a better cider option than traditional ciders.  But for now, I'll probably still get some of the regular Cidres because this for me just doesn't stack up.

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