The Erbert & Gerbert's in Superior has a new sandwich and they're giving out free t-shirts to celebrate.

Get this, the new sandwich is actually a Brat-wich featuring Johnsonville Brats. The  Wurst Sandwich menu features a variety of variations of the brats carved up, served on a sandwich bun. Sounds good to me!

Starting tomorrow morning, August 12th, at 10:30 AM customers who order a Brat-wich from the Wurst Sandwich menu will get a t-shirt that says "I ate the Wurst Sandwiches at Eberts and Gerbert's and got this t-shirt."

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According to a press release from Johnsonville, "Da Beer Cheese Brat-wich is made with sliced Johnsonville brats and topped with beer cheese soup, jalapeno peppers, onions and served with a small cup of beer cheese soup for dipping. The Bacon Butcher Brat-wich features sliced Johnsonville brats topped with peppadew mustard, bacon, pickles, and lettuce."

Superior Erbert & Gerbert's, located at 1325 Tower Ave., says the t-shirts are in limited quantity and are first-come, first-served. The offer is good on dine-in and pickup/to-go orders.

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