The $30,000 winter attraction being fashioned by ice and technology by engineer Roger Hanson on Barker's Island has faced plenty of obstacles this winter, but the latest happening is likely the end of this year's project. The wall, which has fallen behind schedule due to wind and unseasonably warm conditions has now fallen over, which likely spells the end of this year's attempt to create what was supposed to be a 70 foot tall, 90 foot wide sculpture.

Hanson has not commented on the cause of the collapse, or what future plans are at this time, but the ever-shrinking timeframe and continuing uncooperative weather suggests starting over isn't much of an option. The sculpture was projected to be completed sometime in February, but with another round of warmer weather in the forecast and an end to the winter season on the horizon, the likelihood of restarting the project is minimal.

Funding for the project to build what was billed as "The World's Tallest Ice Sculpture" came from the City of Superior, in assistance from the Superior Tourism Development Fund. Mayor Hagen and the Superior City Council saw the ice project as something that could be a significant tourist attraction that could serve as an economic engine in the winter season.

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