The Superior School District sent out a notice to parents regarding the time change of the school days.  According to the statement : " We will be adding 10 minutes to the start of school and 11 minutes after school for a total of 21 additional minutes each day starting Monday, April 29. This is in addition to the 7 minutes already added this winter. Starting April 29, students need to arrive at school 10 minutes earlier than they currently do now. If they ride the bus they will need to be at their bus pick up 10 minutes earlier than their current pickup time. Schools will be communicating directly with families about the exact start and end times. Elementary before and after school programs will begin and end at the same time (7:00 a.m. start time, 5:30 p.m. end time)."

For many parents that I know who have kids in school in Superior they are not too happy about the changes. Ten minutes earlier to get your kids to school can be quite the challenge at any age, but then if you have additional children that can end up being quite a circus. For me I can see both sides of the coin, when our kids were little it was insane getting them ready for school and out the door, especially in the winter with snow pants boots gloves etc. and time was of the essence. But on the schools end I can see where it makes more sense to add time to an existing school day versus adding additional days at the end of the school year.

We are coming off what I think was a brutal winter with lots of snow and cold, we all know it is going to happen and that is the constant challenge living in an area like we do. It is also the law that kids need to be in school a certain amount of days each school year, so it all comes down to meeting those guidelines and trying to stay within the school budget.  For more information on this topic CLICK HERE

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