This in my opinion is a Revelation for the Ages, having Target deliver items right to your house? Yes it's true, If you have a Target Redcard and for now live in Minneapolis.

I am super guilty of going to Target with a list of a few things and roll out with an entire shopping cart full of items, and I know I am not alone on this one. Residents of Minnesota are very loyal to this store and tend to spend, so with this branching out of home shopping I will needs some serious restraint If and when this service comes to Duluth.

According to the Star Tribune possibly starting next month, consumers can go online and order from thousands of items but the key is they have to all fit in a certain size box. The box holds a maximum capacity of 45 lbs. which will be shipped to the customers house by 1:30 pm the next day.

Target has not set a price yet for this delivery but they say it will be competitive with other services that are currently available. They are also branching out service to smaller markets like St. Cloud and Red Wing, so let's hope that Duluth is not far behind.

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