Halloween is one of favorite holidays and I love when TV shows capture the spooky glory in a holiday special. Here are my top 5 Halloween episodes.

Before we get started on this wonderful spooky fun journey, enjoy a quick clip of Halloween moments from 'The Office':

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    Two Guys and a Girl: "Two Guys, a Girl and a Psycho Halloween"

    Before you saw Ryan Reynolds in tight red spandex as 'Deadpool', he was killing his friends on TV in a Halloween special paying homage to 80's slasher films. The show is hard to find, but I love it! Reynolds is great in this episode as Berg and psycho Berg which is sure to send some chills down you spine.


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    That '70s Show: "Halloween"

    Fez learns what trick 'r' treating is and the group takes a trip to their old burned down abandoned elementary school. They start telling ghost stories until they find their spooky permanent records. I love this episode because it's very relatable. It's totally something a group of teenage friends would do. You can watch the episode on Netflix (season 2, episode 5) or right here. "Where's my candy you son of a ..."


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    The Office: "Halloween" (2005)

    Another season 2 episode titled "Halloween". 'The Office is a fantastic re-watchable show and they love their holiday parties. In this episode Michael who always wants everyone to love him, is pressured by corporate to fire someone. Obviously this puts a damper on the Halloween party and it just makes for some good laughs, plus the costumes the characters wear are on point. I like to think the writer's chose not to do something supernatural for a spooky episode, because getting fired can be pretty scary. This show is also available on Netflix (season 2, episode 5) or you can watch it here.

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    Community: "Epidemiology"

    My favorite thing about "Community" is they have a witty way with parodies and amazing references to pop culture. In this zombie like episode, Dean Pelton gets the annual Halloween party catered by an Army Surplus store. The tainted food turns the students into zombies and the gang has to try save everyone before it's too late. This episode was so close to being number 1, it has scares, laughs, and zombies! You can check out the episode on Hulu (season 2, episode 6), and you also can check it out here.

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    Boy Meets World: "And Then There Was Shawn"

    Hands down, my favorite Halloween episode ever. Cory and Topanga gets into a fight and Mr. Feeny sentences the whole group to detention (be careful who you borrow a pencil from). The chills start right away when Mr. Feeny leaves the room and you see "No one gets out alive" written in blood on the chalkboard. The group freaks out and tries to survive as the begin dropping like flies one by one.  This episode pays homage to the horror genre while still finding to bits to make you laugh. I always find myself coming back to this episode and I get so excited when I scroll through the channels and it's on. You can view the view the episode on Hulu or check it out below.