Many people in the Northland watched the harrowing rescue attempt for a father and his young daughter out at Park Point on August 10th, as fire fighters and rescue squads battled waves, undertows and currents.

One of the waves actually flipped one of the rescue boats tossing two fire fighters and all their equipment into the water. Captain Brent Consie told KBJR that the boat was flipped over for about 5 minutes and anything that was not floating on the surface went down.

Most of the equipment washed back up onto the beach except for this one Thermal Imaging Camera. The camera was tethered but due to the dangerous conditions including seven foot waves, it somehow became loose and disappeared into the water.

The Fire department is pleading with the public to return the camera if it is found. This piece of equipment is used for many different situations like fires, and car wrecks as well. Even if the camera does not work anymore they are still hoping to get it back. If found Consie said that whoever turns it in will have dinner waiting for them and their family at the Fire Station.


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