The Duluth Police Department was dealt a huge blow recently when K-9 Luna was shot and killed in the line of duty and we as a community we were all shocked and sadden as well. But one Northland Youth Basketball team was determined to keep her memory alive!

The Hermantown 4th Grade Boys Basketball Team recently played in a tournament in the Twin Cities and wanted to show their support for K-9 Luna, so they wore wristbands on the court with her name on it.

Matt McShane is a Duluth Police Officer who's son plays on the team said:

Freddie here, his folks thought of that and thought it would be a great idea. Something for the boys to do to show their support for K-9 Luna. She was just a wonderful dog. She was a good family dog, she was always a fun dog to be around, energetic and so whenever she was in we could play around.

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Many of the kids expressed how sad the news was about Luna and how by wearing the wristband they were paying their respects and it made them feel good. The kids wristbands caught the attention of some of the other teams who were not aware of what happened to Luna.

What a beautiful gesture by these boys and I am pretty sure the pride they felt wearing those wrist bands maybe gave them a little extra energy to take on those other teams in the tournament. Luna would sure be proud of each and everyone of these guys!

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