The Lake Superior Zoo is home to Three Nigerian Dwarf Goats named Blue, Charlie & Delta. These type of goats are a domestic species that are very popular as pets because of their calm disposition and are very trainable. In addition to being pets they are great at therapy animals and are often used to visit people in hospitals and nursing homes.

The average type of these goats weighs around 75 pounds and to be considered a Nigerian Dwarf goat they must measure no longer than 22.5" at the withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades which is the tallest point of an animal) and 23.5" for a male. Goats are herbivores their diet consists mainly of grasses, leaves and brush. At the Lake Superior Zoo their diet consists mainly of hay.

These type of goats are believed to have originated in Western Africa and came to America when zoos were shipping large cats from Africa. The goats that were not fed to the cats during transport were taken in by the zoos.

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The contact yard is currently closed due to COVID-19  but the exhibits are still available for viewing. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a unique interaction with some of the other farm friends at the zoo including goats, sheep, and llamas!

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