Have you ever heard of the Grey Cloud Island Township? If you haven't, prepare to be spooked.

I did some research and according to one ghostly website, the town is considered the most haunted place in the entire state of Minnesota, thanks in big part to its supposedly haunted cemetery. Woah.

Located in Washington County, the cemetery has a reputation for scaring away anyone that dares to take a visit there. According to HauntedRooms.com, there has been "reports of a transparent motorcyclist, a young woman weeping for her deceased infant and a plethora of other ghosts." The website also states the site has the "highest concentration of Native American burial mounds of anywhere in the United States."

That isn't all. An urban legend states that there is a man that wanders the cemetery carrying around a green lantern. There is also an urban legend that goes like this: someone in a white truck will chase you out of the site should you dare to visit. Some visitors claim that the car has no driver and vanishes into thin air after a few moments.

Grey Cloud Island Township Cemetery is located just a few hours south of Duluth, near the St. Paul area. It is a tiny town with a population of just a couple hundred. It has also become a tourist destination of sorts thanks to all the different stories about the site being a hub for paranormal activity.

However, cemetery officials themselves strike down claims that the site is haunted. On their website, officials say that "contrary to urban legends, there is no paranormal activity" in the cemetery. They also state that the cemetery is private and not open to the public.

Even if the site was open to the public, it is important to remember that, while urban legends and folklore are fun to read up on, there are loved ones buried at the cemetery and we need to respect that. That doesn't mean you can't read up on the urban legends, though!

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