The Rickmobile will be coming to Minnesota  on August 10th, 2018 as apart of the 'Don't Even Trip Road Trip 2018'. It's the largest Rick in the world, that also happens to be a truck.

Aside from 'Rick & Morty' season 3 being released on DVD today, this is the best news I've seen all day. There's just something about the absurd sociopath scientist Rick Sanchez and his good-natured grandson Morty that I can't stop watching their crazy fun adventures through the multi-verse.

The show is pretty powerful with it's fan base as they helped bring back Szechuan Sauce from McDonald's that hasn't existed since the late 1990's. My wife and I even reviewed the sauce when it was finally released (seriously felt like a lifetime), you can check it out here.

The Rickmobile will be making a stop in Minneapolis (details to come soon) and will be bringing 'Rick & Morty' merch along for the ride. Don't be surprised if the truck will be apart of any shenanigans along the way:

We will keep you updated when more information rolls in. Wubba lubba dub dub!

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