What the heck is going on with the Subway at the Superior Walmart? I was in there today and saw that it was gated off, lights were off, and the store space was empty. I mean it was all cleared out. Furniture, booths, everything was gone.

What's so strange about it is that it was just open the other day. A friend of mine was in Walmart this Sunday and saw people in there eating. Then the next day he was back and it was completely cleared out. It was like it happened overnight.

I asked the cashier if they knew what was going on with the place. He didn't know for sure but had heard there was rumors of it closing for quite some time. He also thinks different Subway franchise owners may be taking it over. However, that's all speculation. Some people noticed in the last week that the sandwich shop was low on ingredients and missing some all together.

If you google the location for this Subway, it does say "temporarily closed." So maybe it will be coming back under new ownership? We have reached out to Subway for information, but have not received a reply yet.

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Could this be another casualty of not being able to find workers? Other restaurants have shut their doors or altered their hours because the lack of help.

On community Facebook group in Superior a lot of rumors are going on. Some people claim to have heard there will be a Domino's or Taco Bell going into the spot. Others are hoping it might be a coffee shop like Starbucks or Caribou.

Time will tell, but for now the lights are off and you'll have to eat at the Walmart Deli.

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