It was yet another great week for viral Internet videos, and we've compiled the 10 best that had everyone talking.

Among our favorites: Hilarious parodies ('When Harry Met Sally 2,' starring Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren), on-air news pranks and a New York-based hot dog that costs, yep, $69.

Watch them all below.

'When Harry Met Sally 2' Trailer

Ever wonder what a sequel to 'When Harry Met Sally' would look like? Billy Crystal and Helen Mirren have the answer in this hilarious update, filled with old people and, you know, vampires.

Dog Won't Let Little Girl Drink From Water Fountain

In this case, it really is a dog-eat-dog world.

Yankees-Hating Dad Makes Son Cry

Apparently, there IS crying in baseball. Observe:

Jared Leto Channels Kurt Cobain

17 years after the death of Kurt Cobain, actor Jared Leto released a tribute video of sorts, in which he impersonates the great Nirvana frontman. Will a biopic follow?

Sadie B Sings 'Sunday'

Watch Sadie take Rebecca Black's 'Friday' to Church.

Little Boy Cries His Way Into Political Office

After four-year-old Jesse Koczon cried because he was "too small" to be Governor of New Jersey, the state's real man in charge, Gov. Chris Christie, made him an honorary governor.

Help Me! I Can't Shut My Mouth!

British student's yawn causes jaw to dislocate, renders herself speechless.

Meet the $69 Hot Dog

Expensive food item makes the Guinness Book of World Records.

News Anchor Pranks Coworker With Fake App

Sure, April Fool's Day is over, but this on-air prank still has us laughing.

'Fight For Your Right - Revisited' [NSFW]

Beastie Boys take another look at their classic song with a little help from some famous friends.

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