Bentleyville will be open to the public starting Saturday November 19th and thousands of people will be flocking to Bayfront for this incredible Holiday display, so here are some tips  before you head out.

  1. Plan ahead for the weather, it is usually colder down by the lakefront so dress accordingly, they do have fire pits to keep you warm, but  some nights it can get downright cold.
  2. Go see the lights on a weeknight, the tours are Sunday-Thursday 5-9 pm and Friday and Saturday 5-10pm, so this way you may not have to battle with as many people from out of town and will make parking more accessible.
  3. Parking is available in the lot in front of Bayfront and at the Aquarium for $5 which is ideal especially If you have small children to try and deal with. If you don't mind the walk, parking meters and most downtown ramps are free after 5.30 pm.
  4. Some Hotels may offer free shuttles down to Bentleyville, make a fun night of it away from home staying at a hotel, and Pier B is right across from Bayfront you can walk right over the bridge to Bayfront Festival Park.
  5. Please leave your pets at home, they are not allowed in Bentleyville and it would not be nice to leave them in your car.
  6. Be patient, there are going to be big crowds, parking may take longer and there will be traffic jams. Just enjoy the spirit of the season and be thankful we have such an amazing display in our own backyard.