Now that the weather is getting warmer more people will be hauling Fido around in the car to go to the cabin or the dog park, and the fur will definitely start to fly all over your car.

This is one thing that we generally do not have to worry about with our dogs, one of them does not shed and the other one is so tiny and has very course hair that does not really fly around. But, for the average person this can be a fuzzy nightmare.

According to Pawpulous here are a few ingenious ways to get rid of that stubborn dog hair that sticks to the seats and the carpet.

  1. Balloons: Inflate them and rub on the carpet, the static electricity will help pick up some of the hair.
  2. Furminator: This is a tool to basically vacuum your dog, so the hair should not be as much of an issue.
  3. Duct Tape: Nice and sticky and easy to hold to press on the hair.
  4. Kennel: This may be difficult for really big dogs, but for smaller dogs it will keep them safe and maybe feel more secure.
  5.  Rubber Gloves: See the video below, this poor guy has 2 dogs with really fine hair that sticks to the carpeting like glue


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