Believe it or not this is a growing industry and when you think about it I am not really all that surprised. Their are tons of people who put clothes on there little pets year round, so why not spice things up on Halloween?

In 2014 consumers spent a whopping $350 million on Pet Costumes! Even though we have little dogs which seem well suited for costumes we would never put them through that since they barely tolerate a collar let alone a costume. Here are the 4 most popular to give you an idea.

Here is one of my favorite dog costumes ever, it is Munchkin the Teddy Bear!

  • Photo courtesy of geobeats Via YouTube


  • Photo courtesy of dogcostumes Via YouTube

    Hot Dog

  • Photo courtesy of Bossy Terriers Via YouTube


  • Photo courtesy of halloweencostumes007 Via YouTube

    Bumble Bee