2016 is almost finally over, there were a lot of good songs to come out this year, also a lot of not so good songs. Here's my list of this year's most overrated songs. 


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    'Let Me Love You' - DJ Snake Featuring Justin Bieber

    For a split second, I thought we weren't going to have any Beiber sing his 'Purpose' album came out in 2015. I was wrong, DJ Snake decided to enlist the help of the Biebs and it was nails on a chalkboard all over again. Sure the song has a nice beat, but I just can't stand his voice. There I said it, I am not a Belieber.

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    'Cheap Thrills' - Sia

    To me, this song just repeats the same thing over and over and over again. I appreciate Sia's other stuff, but I think this song should have stayed in the studio. With the exception of Sean Paul, everyone needs Sean Paul back in their life.

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    'One Dance' - Drake

    I see people are still on Drake's bandwagon. I will admit there has been some of his stuff that I don't mind, I just feel like he pays everyone to like his music. Never been a fan of 'One Dance' and never will. I don't think the beat is catchy and I find the lyrics dry and lacking flavor.

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    'No' - Meghan Trainor

    I'm so glad this song finally lost it's momentum. I understand she's trying to give women empowerment with this song and I'm all for that, but not when the music sounds like this. I feel like this was a rejected Britney Spears song from 2001, and I can see why see didn't want it.

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    'One Call Away' - Charlie Puth

    I have a lot of problems with this song, for starters Superman has literally everything on him. How can you compare yourself to a superhero? Yeah, Charlie has a great voice, but that doesn't help this terribly written song be any more enjoyable. I feel he's trying to hard to be the next Ed Sheeran and he's trying just way too hard.