Streets are often named after notable people, so one can only imagine how exactly New Portland, Maine residents came up with the name Katie’s Crotch Road.

While no one’s quite sure how it came to pass, some local historians say a family with the last name of Katie used to live at the street’s intersection with nearby Route 16, and “crotch” simply referred to the V-shape of where the roads meet.

Since we don’t think that’s terribly interesting, we’ll go with the alternative explanation offered up by other locals: a woman named Katie who used to live on the road often sat on her porch while wearing no underwear and flashing her ladybits to passersby. Now that’s a story for the grandkids.

Regardless of the history, the town of New Portland shells out some $200 a year to replace the street signs from Katie’s Crotch Road that are stolen every year (and probably hung in countless dorm rooms) but when residents were given the option of changing the name last week, they voted against it.

Marilyn Gorman, 78, said the road has been known as Katie’s Crotch as long as she can remember, and she likes it that way:

“I don’t like messing with history, changing what has been, unless there’s a darn good reason for it,” she said. “That’s what it’s always been. That’s there, and that’s the way it is.”

We applaud this kind of thinking, especially because it leads to comical directions like “take a left and go straight up Katie’s Crotch.”

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