When you hear about someone losing a truck during ice fishing, it's usually presumed that it went through the ice. It happens every year. That's not the case with this accident that happened on the night of February 3, 2021.

The Stearns County Sheriff's Office issued a news release outlining a bizarre event that occurred on Pearl Lake. Several people reported a fish house and truck on fire on the lake. Sheriff's Deputies and the Kimball Fire Department arrived to find a 2003 white Chevy Silverado fully engulfed in flames. Pearl Lake is located in Maine Praire Township, just east of Marty, Minnesota. The incident happened about 200 yards from shore.

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The owner's name is Bernard Gregory. He says that his fish house was stuck in the ice and he was working to free it. Then he noticed a small fire under the engine compartment. Not having a fire extinguisher or anything else near by, he tried to kick snow on the fire. That didn't work so he went to his place on the shore to get a fire extinguisher. When he got back the truck was fully engulfed in flames.

The Kimball Fire Department extinguished the fire. Fortunately nobody was hurt in the fire. What a rotten day of fishing. We've all been skunked, lost a favorite lure, had an auger that won't start, and other mishaps. But I think most of us can say that our pickup truck hasn't spontaneously combusted on the ice. That's a real bummer, man.

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