According to their website, Ursa Minor Brewing will be opening up Summer 2018 in the Lincoln Park neighborhood in Duluth, Minnesota.

The brewery will have a selection of rotating beer styles, with most if not all styles being represented throughout the year. Which is good news for people like me who like to get a flight and try out different kinds.

Another huge part of Ursa Minor will be the wood fired oven pizza. Napolitano style pizza will be featured in the brewery. I feel like they are hitting my personal sweet spot with this combo. Who doesn't love grabbing a pint of beer and a slice of pizza? (If you answered no to this rhetorical question, then we cannot be friends)

If you're wondering what Ursa Minor stands for, we got you covered there as well. According to, Ursa Minor is part of the Ursa Major family of constellations. It hosts a bright star called 'Polaris, aka the North Star'.

Ursa Minor Brewing will be located at 2415 W Superior St.


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