The University of Wisconsin-Superior is reacting to the spread of COVID-19 with an abundance of caution, including extending spring break and suspending face-to-face classes.

According to an e-mail received from UWS, all classes, events and programming on our campus will be held as scheduled through March 14.

After March 14, they have announced drastic steps to fight the spread of the disease, including.  As they state in their policy:

  • We will extend our spring break by one week, which means spring break will now take place March 16-29.
  • On-campus classes are now scheduled to resume in an alternate delivery mode Monday, March 30. As noted below, classes that are online will continue without any interruption.  If possible, students should arrange to be away from campus during this extended break, as well as when classes resume. Be sure to bring your class/instructional materials with you, as well as other indispensable personal items such as prescriptions.
  • We recognize that some students may be unable to return to their permanent residence for various reasons and will need to stay in their residence halls. At this time, services for those students will be available such as dining services in the Yellowjacket Union, residence halls, Jim Dan Hill Library and Marcovich Wellness Center.
  • On March 30, on-campus classes will begin in their alternate delivery mode. The first possible date that campus may resume face-to-face classes would be April 13.
  • The emergency response team will assess safety and risk between now and then and update students and the campus by April 8. Should the period extend, the university will provide at least five days’ notice.
  • More information will be coming soon on the plans for the alternate delivery mode and how students and instructors will be supported in making this change.
  • Classes that are already online will not be affected by the spring break extension and will continue as regularly scheduled.
  • Campus operations remain uninterrupted. We are mindful of the welfare and well-being of our employees. At this time, the campus is a safe place to work. Campus will remain open in accordance with UW System Administrative Policy 1235. Student employees can continue to work during this break and after without interruption. The emergency response team will continue to monitor health, risk and safety issues daily.
  • All upcoming university-sponsored travel for employees and students is being canceled through the end of the semester for areas at a CDC level 3 health notice for COVID-19. This currently includes China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea. This list may change if additional areas are impacted.

They also strongly discourage employees and students from any non-essential university-sponsored travel through the end of the semester.

You can click here to see the entire University Of Wisconsin-Superior plan.

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