Vanessa Carlton has been forced to cancel a handful of tour dates over complications from a lost pregnancy.

The singer-songwriter shared the sad news with fans on Facebook yesterday (Nov. 5), stating that she was still facing issues following the diagnosis of a fallopian pregnancy in mid-October.

Carlton, who rescheduled earlier shows for the same issue, announced the additional cancellations of four early November tour stops, in Vancouver; Bellingham, Wash.; Portland, Ore.; and Seattle. "I'm so bummed about having to jank up this tour," Vanessa writes. "It started off pretty great. My favorite even. Gimme a couple more days, I'll be ready. Thank you for all your support and understanding through this."

A fallopian pregnancy -- when the embryo attempts to develop in a fallopian tube, which is much too narrow -- is not viable for the fetus and is potentially very dangerous for the mother. Vanessa both lost the pregnancy and faced other serious complications, including internal bleeding. Ultimately, doctors were forced to remove her right fallopian tube.

While the surgery was considered a success, she started experiencing related pain yesterday. "Unfortunately, today, a week to the day from my emergency surgery, I started getting intense nerve pain in one of my incisions," she writes. "I need to stay close to my doctors and the hospital in case this initial pain turns into something more serious."

Vanessa has been through a lot, physically and emotionally, but writes that she wants to get back onstage ASAP: "I'm ready to get back out there mentally though and if all goes even remotely as planned I will be ready for San Francisco."

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