The Duluth Police Department is looking for volunteers to become members of the Duluth Police Reserves. This is a volunteer organization that works with the department in various capacities throughout the year.

They announced the opportunity on the Duluth Police Department Facebook page, saying the Duluth Police Reserves is generally made up of 20 to 25 people that range in age from college-age to retirees.

All members go through a training program prior to working out in the public. Upon completion of training, uniforms are issued which consist of a "Duluth Police Reserve" embroidered polo shirt and black tactical pants. Duluth Police Reserve Officers also carry radios and do have the ability to drive squad cars, but they do not carry firearms nor do they take enforcement actions.

The primary function of the Duluth Police Reserves is to work traffic details during city events such as Grandma's Marathon, 4th Fest, parades, and many others. Members may also be assigned special projects during their time with the reserves. The Duluth Police Department says the Reserve "provides great experience in citizen contact, traffic control and direction, problem solving, and communication skills."

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If you are interested in becoming a member of the Duluth Police Reserves and join a great group that is already in place, or even if you have questions, contact Officer Decker at

They do ask that you be willing to commit to at least two years of service with them, although they do understand if circumstances warrant a member needing to leave earlier.

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