The City of Duluth's Parks and Recreation Division is organizing a cleanup effort for some of the areas impacted by the powerful waves of the October 27 storm that battered the Lake Superior shoreline.

Duluth's Parks and Recreation Division Facebook page shared an event for this Sunday, November 12, looking for volunteers to help in cleanup efforts after Canal Park and Park Point were ravaged by waves from 50+ mph winds. While city crews cleaned large portions of the Lakewalk shortly after the storm, significant amounts of litter and debris washed ashore by the waves remain on portions of the shoreline

The cleanup efforts will focus on parts of the Park Point Beach, portions of the Canal Park shoreline, and Brighton Beach. The cleanup event begins at 10 am this Sunday (November 12). If you would like to volunteer to help with cleanup, you can register on the City of Duluth's website.

City officials say you will be able to check in with city staff at Brighton Beach, Endion Station, the 12th Street Beach, and Park Point (near the Beach House) to get supplies and instructions. You are reminded to dress for the weather, and wear appropriate footwear. If you want more information, you can call Cheryl Skafte at (218) 730-4334.

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