A crazy fight broke out at a popular Wisconsin bar the other night involving several people; fists were flying and bottles were being thrown.

A video of the fight is making its rounds on social media and currently has over 500 comments on Reddit. The bar it happened at has a long history and has even changed names throughout the years.

The place is Pourman's in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to Urban Milwaukee, the building is over a century old and used to be a sausage factory. The bar is located at 1127 North Water Street and has a 4.4 out of 5-star rating on Google.

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No word on what started the fight. However, according to Reddit, the post states that three 19-year-old girls came into the bar already intoxicated and began fighting other patrons. Yelling, swearing, and throwing punches and bottles all happen in a matter of seconds.

Again, no word on what started the fight, but it was captured on video and is making its rounds on the internet.

The bar has changed names and owners throughout its history. Since 2013 it has been Pourman's, but before that, it was Fitzgibbon's Pub from about 2000 - 2012. Before that, it was known as Brett's for about three years. For a long time, it was Sweetwater from 1979 - 1997. From the mid-60s to about 1977 it was Town Bar.

I actually drove past Pourman's the last time I was in Milwaukee, but never went inside. No word on any arrests or injuries from the fight.

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