A week removed from a statistic that this winter has been noticeably warmer than last winter, the Duluth National Weather Service shared another statistic about the extreme difference in snow from last year to this year.

The average amount of snow Duluth gets in February is 11 inches, which isn't too extreme. Last year, we got a whopping 36.4 inches, which is over two feet more than average. This year, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. While we average just under a foot of snow in the shortest month of the year, this year we've seen almost exactly half of what we usually get in February.

As of Thursday morning (February 27), the National Weather Service reports we've gotten 5.4 inches. Not only is that less than half of what we normally get, but it is a whole 31 inches less than last February brought us. There are also no major snow events projected for the final couple days of the month, so it is likely we end February close to that number.

This continues a generally dry trend for this winter. While we kicked off the winter season with a blizzard that brought feet of snow, there haven't been many major snow events since then for the Twin Ports area.

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While some are bummed about about the lack of fresh snow, others celebrate the relatively dry season so far (at least after the early parts of the season). As we head into March, we'll likely see our traditional late-season snow storms; so we likely aren't out of the woods yet. The good news for folks excited for spring is that we're getting closer.

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