Unless you've been hiding in a cave or don't have ears, you've heard about the latest "Must Read" book.  Well, at least for the ladies that is.  After hearing the buzz about this amazing book on Twitter (from a Kirstie Alley Tweet actually) I decided that I had to check it out.

And check it out I did!  It wasn't so much the...um...naughty parts that intrigued me the most.  It was the relationship between the two main characters that called me back to the book at the most inopportune times...

I'm a pretty fast reader usually.  It took me a week and two days to read all three books.  I would have read them faster, but I do have a job, kids and a husband (and boy did he come in handy!) that I needed to attend to at the same time.

In case you haven't picked it up yet, the book centers on 21 year old college student Anastasia Steele and her "relationship" (which centers around the S+M lifestyle in particular) with single, handsome, billionaire Christian Grey.  Some critics have dubbed the book "Mommy Porn."  But quite honestly, it wasn't as graphic as it could have been. (Note: That's just my opinion.  And I'm pretty liberal.)

Here are some of the suggested actors who may be in line to play Christian Grey.  Who would you like to see cast as "50 Shades?"