'Squid Game' is on track to be Netflix's biggest show ever. It got me thinking, what games would be played if it took place right here in Minnesota.

If you have not decided to check out the Korean survival drama series, it is not for the faint of heart. The show centers on 456 players from all over who all share one thing, they're in debt and need money. They all make agreements to play games and win a 45.6 billion dollar prize. Little do they know; if they lose, they die.

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I decided to finally see what the buzz was about and I went in not really knowing the plot or anything about it. After I finished the the crazy plot-twisting drama it got me thinking what games would be played if the show took place in Minnesota. If you haven't watched it and decided to give it a whirl, prepare yourself because some of the scenes are brutal. Obviously this would never happen, because it would not be legal. However, here are the games I think would be played up here in the frozen tundra:

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