A couple weeks ago, I grabbed a quick lunch down the street from the radio station at the local Subway Restaurant. My go-to cheese on the particular sandwich I ordered is cheddar. I was told by the employee that they didn't have cheddar, so I didn't give it a second thought and picked a different cheese. After this incident, I heard a few other friends mentioning that they had the same experience, so it got me wondering.

I called around to a couple local Subway Restaurants in the area to survey whether or not they had cheddar, and it turns out they all don't. An employee over at the location on Belknap in Superior did a great job of explaining what was going on.

He told me that earlier this year the company was looking to streamline their menu options, and one of the places they were looking to streamline was in the cheese selection. As it turns out, cheddar is the lowest-selling cheese at Subway stores around the region, so they quit offering it roughly a month ago. The employee did mention that die-hard cheddar fans can still get their fix with the shredded cheese blend, which does offer some cheddar in the mix.

Cheddar is still listed on the Subway website as a cheese option, but it is apparently only available for other parts of the country. I enjoy cheddar, but I guess I'm in the minority of Subway customers around the area. Pepperjack it is for me from now on.

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