Do you consider yourself a normally happy person? Of course we cannot all be happy all of the time, that would be weird and honestly people may wonder about you a little. But, with some work you can try t be happy more than crabby.

I generally consider myself a happy person, I try to shy away from negative people as I don't have time for drama, and If you thrive on it we will not be friends. Of course we all have our moments and honestly I do struggle some mornings to be up beat. It would help If I was a morning person and got more sleep, but doesn't that apply to us all?

I thought this article I found to be really interesting, because some people are just bent on being miserable, so maybe If they had the facts, they might become happier:

Here is a sample of a few:

1) It's Genetic- This may be true to a point about some things, but when it comes to happiness, this is something that you yourself have to make happen for yourself. No such thing as happy genes!

2.) Happy people are dumb or naive: I have never claimed to be the smartest person on the planet, but just because you are happy does not mean you don't have worries or concerns. The key is to keep things in perspective and don't let your worries run wild.

3.) You can't buy Happiness- Sure we all wish we had more money, but buying things to help or make other people happy is the key. I still am sticking to my guns that a little extra cash will make me happy year round :)


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