If you're like me, you know a whole lot about pop culture but not so much about football. If you know a lot about football but no so much about Hollywood, you may have asked yourself "WHO?" when Aaron Rodgers announced he was engaged.

In case you need a little background, the football star shocked everyone when he announced he was engaged in early February while accepting the MVP Award at the NFL Honors. He didn't give any details or call out his future wife by name but shortly before his speech, news broke that he was secretly dating the actress.

Now, the actress herself has confirmed the engagement. She did so on The Tonight Show the week of February 22nd, saying that she was indeed engaged to Rodgers for the very first time.

So now that we know this engagement is legitimate, let's get to know Shailene a little bit more. She may be moving to Wisconsin, after all!

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What shows and movies has she starred in so far in her career?
She got her big break starring in a show called The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. The show was a big hit and helped break her into show business. Since it ended nearly a decade ago, she's starred in other blockbusters like The Divergent series, where she played the lead Tris. She also had big roles in films like The Fault In Our Stars, The Descendants and hit television series Big Little Lies.

What kind of career has she had so far?
Aaron Rodgers is huge in football and Shailene is just as big in Hollywood. She has been nominated for two Golden Globe awards, two Screen Actors Guild awards and one Emmy Award. She has also been nominated for a ton of other awards and taken some home, including several People's Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards.

What is she like?
If you haven't heard of Shailene Woodley, it's probably on purpose. Despite massive success, she isn't your typical celebrity. She doesn't go out to clubs or places where other young actresses are often photographed. In fact, in past interviews she has stated that she doesn't own a smartphone or a cell phone, makes her own medicine and gathers her own water to drink. Her Instagram also shows that she is a huge activist. In 2017, she said she may run for Congress in the future.

When did her and Aaron Rodgers meet?
Both stars have been very tight-lipped about their relationship. In fact, nobody even knew they were dating until shortly before Rodgers announced he was engaged. However, during her appearance on The Tonight how, she briefly touched on the topic, saying they met sometime during the pandemic. People Magazine reports he broke up with Danica Patrick in July of 2020, which narrows the timeline a bit. The magazine also reports the two "got so close so quickly" and everything between them happened "super fast."

How long have they been dating?
Again, both stars have been very tight-lipped about the relationship. However, while talking to Jimmy Fallon, she said that while the world was shocked with news the two were engaged, she was not as they had been engaged "for awhile" by the time the news came out.

Is she a football fan?
This is where things get hilarious: she's not! During her talk with Jimmy Fallon, she touched on this, saying she didn't grow up watching sports. She said she never thought she'd be engaged to an athlete but that her dog appreciates that she is because Rodgers makes a good fetch partner. Ha! By the way, she's also never been to one of his games.

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