Things have been getting crazy lately. Just a few weeks ago a few fast food employees at a Dairy Queen in Minnesota lost their job after a TikTok video went viral of how a customer was treated.

According to WKRC in Wisconsin, two twin sisters are facing attempted homicide charges after a mishap at a George Webb restaurant. I've never heard of George Webb before, but it is a chain of lunch counter-style restaurants only found in Wisconsin. The restaurant serves made-to-order items including breakfasts, hamburgers and other sandwiches, soups, chili, and coffee. The closest one to Superior would be in Peshtigo, about 293 miles away depending which route you take.

This incident happened around midnight in Wauwatosa. According to the report, the 26 year-old worker said he was the only server working at the restaurant. He went on to say a few customers became upset over a missing hamburger in their order, and were asked to leave. They did, but came back inside, attacked the worker and shot him in the face while he was down.

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Fortunately the man survived the attack, but his recovery will most likely take a long time due to his spine being fractured and his throat is also damaged. The report also states that the worker recalled how, while bleeding out on the eatery's floor, he thought he would never see his son again.

The twin sister who are 20 years-old were tracked down by police and arrested. They are currently being held in jail on $100,000 bail and if convicted, both may end up facing up to 65 years in jail.

I can't imagine this happening all due to a missing burger in the order. Such a scary situation this turned out to be.

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